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He was born in Uruguay on May 24, 1945. He studied Art and Architecture in Montevideo. At 18 he worked as an illustrator of politics and various events for the main newspaper in Montevideo. In 1961 he held his first exhibition of equestrian painting in Punta del Este. In 1966 De La María traveled to Europe and settled in Paris, returning to Montevideo for a short time to start his trip to Argentina, where he would find his home to this day. Joining important publishing houses in the city of Buenos Aires, where he made the illustrations for the covers of the main Latin American magazines. such as COLUMBA, AUTO MUNDO, WINDSHIELD, NIPPUR, El TONY, D'ARTAGNAN among others. After this time, he became fully involved in automotive art and in 1989 he held the first of his many exhibitions such as; PEBBLE BEACH, RETRO MOBILE, TECHNO CLASSIC ESSEN, CAR CLASSIC. His paintings and techniques are recognized by exquisite collectors and required by leading gallery owners in; GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE, HOLLAND, ARGENTINA, URUGUAY, MEXICO AND USA His use of oil combined with his impressionist brush leads to inevitable comparisons with legends of automotive art such as F. Gordon Crosby and Gotschke. Painting Techniques: Oil on canvas

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