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The Russian Arm system is the combination of a gyro-stabilized mobile head at the end of a gyro-stabilized crane arm in turn, controlled via Joystick console from inside a pursuit vehicle. This makes it ideal for high-speed filming from any angle, setting up shots on the fly and adjusting them instantly, achieving sequences as dynamic as desired.


Fly Head V:

     Gyro-stabilized 4-axis moving head.

360 ° pan axis displacement

270º rotation axis displacement

Payload capacity of up to 40kg.

Russian Arm:

    2-axis gyro-stabilized crane arm (Pan & Tilt).

360 ° pan axis displacement

45º tilt angle


Mercedes ML430:

     4.3L engine with 300HP.

5-speed Triptronic AWD gearbox.

4x4 traction with independent suspension on each wheel.

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